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Joseph Domino - From The Outside Looking In

3/21/2019 1:40:18 PM

Sometimes finding the right house for your buyer means doing something extra or out of the ordinary. Going the extra mile.I recently had one buyer that simply could not find a suitable property in the area he wanted to live. I showed him more than 35 houses over a period of about 6 weeks. We even wrote offers on two that did not get accepted.Each week we wait for the new listings to hit the MLS. We began to expand the search area, nothing was working. Finally, we got with his lender and had the lender increase his Pre-Approval by $10K just so we could look at some higher priced houses.I was just getting ready to fire this client, not because he was being difficult, but because I was spending too much time. Then one Saturday I was showing him some homes in his preferred neighborhood. Even though I was pretty sure they were overpriced flips I took him to see them. Just for the heck of it, this week I researched a couple of FSBOs on the web to see if anything else was available. Luckily I found one that was just about 1 mile from where we were going that day. We decided to take a drive past.The property looked good on the outside. Being a FSBO, it, of course, was overpriced but after a little research, I found they had been trying to sell it themselves for a long time. Maybe they would entertain a reasonable offer?Working with FSBOs can sometimes be tricky. You have to avoid any implication of an Agency relationship, while at the same time doing all the work of two agents.I called the seller, arranged for a showing and the house looked good on the inside as well. Now I needed to get them to agree to being unrepresented and to pay me a commission. To my surprise, they agreed to both. I sent them documents to sign indicating I would be representing the buyer alone and the agreed to commission rate. They signed off on both. So far so good.I explained to them the limits of my buyer’s approval and that the offer would be based on his qualifications. It was below their asking price, but appropriate for the neighborhood. Again they agreed.I wrote up an offer, found an escrow agent that had a lot of experience working with FSBOs, and we proceeded with the sale. The escrow agent handled all the communication so I didn’t have to worry about any “You said this,” or “You promised that,” problems.The transaction went smoothly, we closed escrow on time and it appears all parties are satisfied.In some ways, it renewed the way I felt about working with FSBOs. Were we just lucky? Maybe. Or maybe the seller just wanted to sell the house and we did what we needed to do to get the job done.So going forward, I will make it a point to research any available FSBO houses to see if they are a good match for my buyer. After all, that is the goal. Find the best house, for the best price for the buyer.From now on, “I’m going to FSBOland.”  Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com.  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

3/17/2019 1:40:04 PM

This is the time of year when the boring old desert shows off its spring colors to the rest of the world. Today we took a drive out to the Bartlett Lake Recreation Area, just northeast of Scottsdale. It was a gorgeous sunny 67◦ and it was well worth the time.The ride down to Bartlett Lake is about 5 miles of paved roadway winding through mountains and canyons with loads of picturesque views.Along the way, we were able to stop and snap a few nice pictures of the wildflowers.                   Here is a great shot of a patch of Mexican Golden Poppies and Arizona Lupine. Above is a patch with both Golden and Albino Poppies mixed with the purple Lupine.Next is another patch of Poppies, Lupine and Chuparosa surrounding a "Teddy Bear" Cholla.Along the way, we were able to get some nice views of the surrounding mountains. If you look closely you can still see traces of the snows from last months big storm. Finally, we arrived at the lake. Although it was a little windy there were lots of boaters out on the water. The water level is up from the recent rains which made the lake the largest it has been in several years. Planning a visit to the Scottsdale area? Spring is a great time to visit. Want to know more about this great area? Visit me at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com for all the latest information about our beautiful Sonoran Desert.   © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

3/14/2019 9:03:56 AM

Real Estate investing has been a lucrative business for the last few years. Nearly every major market in the U.S. has seen significant appreciation in property values. This, of course, attracts investors of all types. Many investors buy properties at value prices then resell them at a later date for a profit. Maximizing profits is the name of the game.One of the more commonly used tools that investors use to maximize profits is the title insurance binder or as it is often called, a “hold open policy”.A hold-open policy or binder is a way that an investor can save a large portion of the cost of providing title insurance.But how does the use of a binder work and how does it save the investor money?When the investor purchases a property it is typical for the seller to provide a clean, marketable title and along with it a title insurance policy. But rather than just accept the title policy in their own name, the investor pays the title insurer a fee for a binder for future insurance. The fee which can be as little as 10% or as high as 25%, allows the investor to “hold open” the policy for up to two years. This gives the investor time to rehab or resell the property. When the investor resells the property they pass the title policy that was provided by the original seller to the new buyer. This saves the cost of paying for a new policy on the resale.Let’s see how this works in the following example:The investor buys a property for $100,000. The original seller pays the cost of a title policy for $100,000 at a cost of $750. But instead of just accepting the policy the investor pays the title insurance company a binder of an additional $150. The binder is essentially an IOU provided by the title insurer.The investor holds the property for 1 year. In which time through a combination of improvements and market appreciation the property is now valued at $150,000. The cost of a new title policy of $150,000 would be $1000. But since they purchased the binder for the original $100,000 they only need to pay the difference. So the investor passes the policy through for the cost of $250 plus the original $150 binder. A savings of $500 to the investor. Keep in mind when using the Hold Open policy that both transactions must be insured through the same title company. Which is why you will often see an investor/seller specify the use of their “preferred” Title Insurance Company. The final leg of the sale which was initially insured by the original title company cannot be insured by another title company without additional cost.The use of the hold open binder is not without its risks. One downside to using a Hold Open policy is that the middle buyer, the investor, is not insured since no owner’s policy is issued to them. If a flipper gets pulled into litigation over a title claim, they will not have the benefit of a title insurance policy once the binder is used to issue a policy to the final buyer.But despite the risk of using the hold open binder, the cost savings to an investor can be a compelling reason to a company that turns over dozens of properties a year.Purchasing a property for investment or flip? Discuss with your options with your Title and Escrow partner to see if a Hold Open can save you money. Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

3/7/2019 6:28:20 PM

I don’t often do this type of blog post, but today I thought we should have some fun. Below are a couple of popular riddles. What do you think the answers might be?Let’s see some of your answers in the comments. You can click the link below to see the official answers: What am I?1 - Every man has one, but their length differs. Their wives often use them after getting married.2 - I can only be given but never can be bought. Sinners seek me but saints do not need me.3- I have a neck but no head, I have arms but no hands. I’m with you at home, at school, and at work.4 - Every time you speak my name I disappear.5 - I am free the first time and the second time, but the third time is going to cost you money.6 - When you have me you want to share me. Once you share me you no longer have me.7 - I cannot be bought and cannot be sold, even though I am often made of gold.8 - You throw me out when you use me and you take me in when you are done.9 – The more you take of me, the more of me you leave behind.10 – You cannot throw me, but you can catch me. Answer Link: Answer Link 0319   Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

2/28/2019 9:08:31 AM

At this moment I am laying on a couch, in a bus, with a needle in my arm. It doesn’t hurt and it isn’t scary, I am not hurt. There is a young man that is watching over me and taking good care to make sure that nothing goes wrong. The best part is that it won’t cost me anything, only about 15 minutes of my time.You see, I am doing a blood donation.There are a lot of ways in which a person can give back to their community. You can volunteer your time, you can donate goods and services, and of course, money is always needed to provide the less fortunate with the things they need to get through another day. But over the years I have found that blood donation is one of the easiest and most valuable contributions I can make. You simply cannot go to the store and buy the blood necessary to help people that have been affected by mass attacks, storms and other natural disasters, it has to come from donors.To the young and healthy it’s no great loss. To the sick and injured it is the gift of life. Donating blood is a great way to give back.Regardless of where you live, there is an organization or non-profit that has the ability to collect and distribute healthy blood. Why not give them a call? You may help save someone’s life.Remember, the blood donor of today may be the recipient tomorrow.  Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved