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Joseph Domino - From The Outside Looking In

7/14/2019 1:50:07 PM

I have just finished watching one of the epic tennis matches of all-time. For those of you that do not follow tennis, it was The 2019 Championships at Wimbledon Final. The players were Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.It was the first time that a Wimbledon Championship has ever been decided by a fifth set tiebreaker. The match lasted nearly five hours. I have to admit that I was rooting for my favorite player Roger Federer, but despite leading for most of the match and winning in most of the statistical columns his opponent Djokovic won the match.You see that tennis, unlike most other sports, has a unique scoring method. Scoring in tennis is not cumulative as it is in most other sports. You can statistically score more points and win more games and still not win the match. No matter how big a lead you may have the match can always be won or lost.You see, there is no clock to wind down, no shot clock, no timeouts, no way to protect a lead without continuing to score more points. As I watched the game it was easy to find certain points, certain opportunities that seemed as if they would cement the victory for either player. But in tennis it hard to look back at a match and say that one point or one call was the turning point. In tennis regardless of the score until the last point is played there is no victory, no defeat.As I was watching the match I kept saying to myself that the last point didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that one player just missed their shot by a millimeter. It didn’t matter that the last shot was mishit. The only thing that mattered was the next point. Even when one player was down 40 – Love, the next point was all that mattered. The next point was a chance to redeem yourself.As human beings, we often dwell too much on the past. We often let our failures dictate our future. Sometimes it is a bad investment, a failed relationship, a lost job opportunity. We worry that the clock is going to run out before we succeed.We should always look at our lives in much the same way that a tennis match is scored. You can lose a set, you can win a game. But until the match is over there is always the next point.In life, like tennis. The most important point is always the next one.   Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

7/5/2019 11:10:09 AM

Over and over I see want ads imploring, “Help wanted Rock Star…”.No doubt the portrait we have painted of a Rock Star appears to glamorous, successful, even desirable. But in reality, Rock Stars as a group are seldom successful and when they are their success is fleeting. They seldom get to enjoy the very thing that makes them a star and that is their passion.Being a Rock Star may have some reward. They often leave behind a legacy. Their music, stories, events that they have participated in, may live on long after their star has extinguished.However, if you really want long term success, you might consider some other line of work. Perhaps an accountant?According to a recent British study, accountants, and folks working in similar white collar, middle-class professions live longer than people working in any other occupation.Another alternative is to become a doctor. When it comes to overall physical, mental, and fiscal health, doctors have the highest wellbeing score in America.Still considering Rock Star? One study at Sydney University showed that Pop and Rock Stars die up to 25 years younger than the average person and have far higher rates of death by accident, suicide, and homicide.At least you will be better off than a long-haul truck driver. They account for nearly 25% of all workplace deaths. Most deaths are a result of accidents caused by road hazards or falling asleep at the wheel. But to be fair there are far more truckers out on the highway than there are Rock Stars.I have never been accused of being a Rock Star. Maybe that is a good thing. It is not a lifestyle I would choose.I couldn’t find any studies that documented the life expectancy of a Real Estate Agent. It appears that Real Estate Agents never quit. Their phone just stops ringing. Lately, my phone hasn't been ringing. Is it time to find a new gig?Since it is probably too late for me to go to medical school, being a doctor is out. Maybe for my next act, I will be counting on accounting.Oops, never mind, I think I hear my phone ringing.   Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

7/2/2019 7:09:06 AM

When should a seller disclose material facts that could affect the marketable value of a home? That, of course, is a trick question. The answer is always.However, does the receipt of a home inspection report immediately require an update of the Seller Disclosure documents? Well, not always.Let’s start by explaining the disclosure and inspection processes in AZ:Whenever a house is placed on the market the Seller is required by law to disclose known facts (including history) of the property. We use a Sellers Disclosure form for that purpose. Upon receipt, the Buyer has 5 days to examine the Sellers Disclosure and decide if they wish to proceed with the purchase.In addition to the Seller’s Disclosure, a buyer is afforded an inspection period (typically 10 days) in which to discover any additional facts about a home that could affect their purchase that was not disclosed. Any items that the buyer disapproves of are then reported to the Seller. The Buyer has the option to cancel the contract or request the items to be corrected. This is done through a Buyer’s Inspection Notice. The Seller then has 5 days to respond to the Buyer’s request(s). If the Seller agrees to perform ALL corrections, the sale proceeds.Occasionally, major items are discovered such as property line disputes, a leaking roof or a crumbling foundation. Discovery of these items could affect the value and marketability of the property. When these items are discovered, even if the Seller was unaware, the Seller should update their Sellers Disclosure.However, often minor items such as general maintenance items are discovered during a home inspection. These items normally will not affect the value of the property, but the buyer may still want them corrected. The negotiation begins.But let’s clarify. There is a difference between disclosure and discovery. Let’s review some examples from a previous home inspection report where I represented the Seller. Inspection item #10 – Inoperative self-closing hinges on service door (need adjustment),- hazard;Inspection item #12 - Inoperative single-hung window (detached spring/balancer), at Dining area. Recommend review/repair as needed.Inspection item #22 – Anti-tip Device: (For Range). Not present (or not functioning), - hazard.Even though two of the items were flagged as "hazard", all of the above items are general maintenance. The Seller agreed to correct ALL the items, so in AZ the Buyer must proceed with the sale, pending the repairs.But in addition to requesting the repairs, the Buyer’s Agent requested that the Seller update the Seller’s Disclosure to indicate the findings of the inspection report. In AZ an update of the Seller’s Disclosure triggers a new 5-day waiting period and provides the Buyer an additional opportunity to cancel the contract. So naturally, I refused. None of the repairs would affect the marketability of the house. If a Seller had to disclose everytime a fuse blew or everytime a drain clogged they would have to write a book. The Buyer’s Agent complained to my broker, who agreed with me there was no need to update the Disclosure.While we were bickering over the process, the Seller hired a handyman that found that not only were the corrections minor, in several cases, the inspector was wrong. Items #10 & #22 were in fact fully operational according to manufacturer specs. Item #12 was a simple re-attachment of a spring.Had we updated the Sellers Disclosure the Buyer could have canceled with full return of their Earnest Money. The Seller would have to place the property back on the market. The Escrow Company would have been out all the time and effort they placed into the transaction. It would have been a mess.I do not believe the Buyer ever wanted to cancel the contract, I believe it was merely a Buyer’s Agent overstepping his bounds in an attempt to over-protect his client or a ploy to renegotiate after the fact. More importantly, he found he could not bully his way to get what he wanted.In the end, the Buyer completed their purchase and they got a nice house. But it was a lesson learned. Unfortunately, we see this type of action often. Far too many agents do not understand the due diligence process and what constitutes disclosure.  Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

6/30/2019 5:00:04 AM

Well here we are at the end of another of The Soundtrack of a Lifetime series. It has been a lot of fun remembering old songs that we enjoyed over more than a 60 year period. Who would have thought that Rock & Roll would endure so long?For those of you who have been following along, thanks for your time. If you missed a few articles, you can revisit them all at My Blog. For our final song for the 2019 edition we have an oldie from one of the originators of Rock & Roll, Antoine "Fats" Domino (no relation). Fats is often credited with being the first Rock & Roll artist to have a million selling song. Today’s song Blueberry Hill is one that has been recorded by dozens of artists from Gene Autry to The Beach Boys to Celine Dion. The song was even performed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a charity event in 2010 in front of an audience of international film and television celebrities.But clearly the most popular version came from the Fat Man. It reached number two for three weeks on the Billboard Top 40 charts, becoming his biggest pop hit. It has been ranked number 82 on the Rolling Stone list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.So, The Soundtrack of a Lifetime will go back on hiatus until 2020. Meanwhile, why don’t you take a few minutes to view and listen to another great Rock & Roll memory from 1956? Blueberry Hill.      Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com.  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

6/23/2019 9:41:29 AM

This is important information for anyone interested in buying a condo, Buyer's Agents need to be aware before they show the condo and have the buyer fall in love with something they cannot finance, Thanks Debe Maxwell, CRS Good to Know - Warrantable Condos With condos (as well as the few co-ops that we have in the Charlotte area), it’s not just a buyers’ creditworthiness the lender is examining. The fiscal and physical health of the entire complex into which you’re buying must also be vetted.“Warrantable” is a term used by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to describe condo projects and properties against which they will allow a mortgage. Condo projects and properties not meeting those Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac warrantability standards are known as “non-warrantable.” In general, a condo or co-op unit is considered non-warrantable if the project has yet to be completed, its developer has not turned over control of the HOA to the owners, the community allows short-term rentals, a single person or entity owns more than 10% of all unit, or it’s in a project where the majority of units are rented to non-owners. Typically, a condo is considered warrantable (conforming) if:No single entity owns more than 10% of the units in a project, including the developer At least 51% of the units are owner-occupied Fewer than 15% of the units are in arrears with their association dues Commercial space accounts for 25% or less of the total building square footage The homeowners association (HOA) is not named in any lawsuits. Condo homeowners are often placed on a wait-list within their complex HOA until the required maximum tennant-occupied units falls to support adding their unit. This is done to maintain Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac's required maximum owner-occupied status in order for the complex to remain warrantable. There is often quite a wait but, that wait helps insure that your complex IS warrantable - maintaing or improving upon the value for which you purchased the property in the first place. Need help exploring Charlotte area condos? We're here to help! Call or text (704) 609-2381 today! © Debe Maxwell | The Maxwell House Group | RE/MAX Executive | CharlotteBroker@icloud.com | Good to Know - Warrantable Condos

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