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Joseph Domino - From The Outside Looking In

4/13/2019 9:19:29 AM

I am readying the kettle. As soon as I catch that varmint he/she is history.Recently I planted several beautiful Emu bushes. We are trying to get the yard back in shape after a hard Arizona winter. The Emus were doing nicely taking root, filling out and blooming with pretty pink flower buds.Then it happened. We woke up to find our local rabbit population threw a party overnite at our expense. They didn't even bother to clean up after themselves.One of out new Emu bushes was nibbled down to a mere shadow of its former self and they began to munch away at a few others.This morning they are all surrounded by a nice ring of chicken wire. We also dumped a bunch of Irish Spring soap shavings around the base hoping the smell while keep them away. It's a manly smell, hopefully they won't like it too. Here's hoping that keeps them a bay for a while.  Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

4/11/2019 12:09:25 PM

Does where you live affect your health and wellbeing or does your health and wellbeing influence the place where you live? I don’t plan to answer the question, as I am sure there are dozens of studies and articles that can substantiate their findings and declare they have found nirvana.But in a recent survey published by WalletHub, a web-based personal financial directory, Scottsdale, Arizona has been ranked amongst the healthiest place to live in America. According to WalletHub Scottsdale ranks 9th overall out of 170 cities based on a formula that includes Health Care, Healthy Food, Fitness and access to open or Green Space. In addition in the single category of Fitness, Scottsdale ranked #1 ahead of such stalwarts as Denver and San Diego.The fact that Scottsdale ranks anywhere near the top is remarkable considering that the median age of Scottsdale residents is just over 46 years as compared with the national average of just over 37 years old. Conventional logic would lead you to believe that an aging population would be less healthy than their counterparts in younger cities.Part of the reason could be attributed to the favorable weather that encourages more outdoor activities, 300+ days of sunshine and of course a median household income that exceeds the national average.The City of Scottsdale also rated high in access to open or green spaces. With access to over 400 miles of hiking paths, Scottsdale was recognized by National Geographic as one of the nation’s top spots hiking. Scottsdale’s greenbelt along the Indian Bend Wash is an 11-mile long park system that was created by utilizing land that was reserved for a flood control is home to, recreational paths, and lakes, golf courses, and sports fields.All in all, it is no wonder that Scottsdale is one of the most popular destinations for people migrating to the southwest from other areas of the country.Want to know more about living healthy and happy in Scottsdale, AZ? Visit my website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com where you can find great information or search for your next dream home.Come on down to Scottsdale and see why we enjoy life so well.  Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com.  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

4/8/2019 8:06:30 PM

Living in a place that has 100° + temperatures for 4-5 months a year makes the Phoenix metro a popular place for swimming pools. Several Valley of the Sun cities rank among the top 10 places in the U. S. with backyard pools. Nationally, The City of Scottsdale ranks second only to Coral Springs, FL for the number of homes boasting private pools. According to Realtor.com six, Phoenix-area cities populate the top ten list. Here is a look at the top ten medium-to-large cities in the country with the highest percentage of backyard pools.1. Coral Springs, Florida – 66 percent2. Scottsdale, Arizona – 62 percent3. Tempe, Arizona – 46 percent4. Chandler, Arizona – 40 percent5. Glendale, Arizona – 37 percent6. Gilbert, Arizona – 37 percent7. Clearwater, Florida – 32 percent8. Clovis, California – 32 percent9. Mesa, Arizona – 31 percent10. Plano, Texas – 31 percentIn addition, many Phoenix-area communities have community pools It should come as no surprise that Arizona and Florida rank near the top when it comes to home-to-pool percentage considering the warm climate in both states. But like Arizona and Florida, backyard pools are becoming more and more popular in many other places around the country.Swimming pools are a great way to cool down when the mercury begins to rise. But swimming pools have their problems as well. Along with the pleasure of having a resort style backyard just steps from your living room comes the dark side of owning a pool.Swimming pools also can bring health hazards, particularly for young children, added expenses for liability insurance and costly maintenance routines.In Arizona alone, on average 40 adults and 20 children lose their lives to drowning accidents, most in backyard pools. Despite all efforts to reduce that number it seems to remain constant year after year.The Arizona real estate contract goes into significant detail to inform prospective homebuyers on the regulations and requirements for pool safety. It even requires buyers to agree to comply with and pay all costs of complying with local regulations prior to occupying the Premises. The Arizona Association of Realtors has published a brochure that helps guide prospective buyers on how to locate the requirements for each local community. https://www.aaronline.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/PoolBarrierLaws.pdfAnd even though complying with pool safety requirements is paramount. More needs to be done. What can we do as real estate agents to help reduce drowning deaths?We can start by educating people on the dangers that come along with pool ownership. It is not enough to simply have home buyers “sign off” on pool safety regulations. Agents representing buyers need to take a few minutes to review the responsibilities that come along with pool ownership. What other factors can help reduce drowning deaths? Better, more diligent adult supervision. Appoint a “designated watcher” in group settings whenever young children are present in a pool area. Consider installing a pool alarm that goes off if anyone enters the pool unexpectedly. Teaching children to swim at the earliest possible point in the child’s life. It is amazing how quickly small children will adapt to water. CPR classes for adults can help save a life should an accident occur. It is simply too easy to become complacent when it comes to pool safety.  Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com.  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

4/3/2019 8:07:22 PM

“If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.” ― Groucho Marx  Traditional wisdom states the following: “Work is not supposed to be fun. That’s why it’s called work.” An outcome of subscribing to this principle makes you believe that if you see someone having fun at work, they’re goofing off. However, research shows that this dismal view of work is completely wrong. Studies have shown that when workplaces include fun activities as part of the daily routine it creates happier employees. And happy employees are all around better at their jobs. Having fun increases employee motivation reduces stress and in the end, increases productivity. It’s also proven to improve teamwork, build trusting relationships and increase employee retention.Unfortunately, when we become adults we begin to take our careers all too seriously. Children laugh an average of 400 times a day and that number drops to only 15 times a day by the time people reach age 35. Laughter releases endorphins (chemicals that are more powerful than the pain-relieving drug morphine) into the body in much the same way as doing vigorous exercise. Laughing increases your oxygen intake, reinvigorating cells and it relieves stress.To that end, Laugh at Work Week was created by Randall Munson. It is celebrated around the world annually April 1 through April 7. So your challenge for the next few days will be to have some fun at work this week. Tell a joke, play a game, bring some treats or snacks, use your imagination to break up the monotony. You will be happy that you did.    Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

3/29/2019 12:00:28 PM

It is almost here! If you haven’t made your plans yet, there is still time to head to Arizona for the hottest motorcycle gathering this side of the Sonora Desert!Arizona Bike Week one of the world’s largest motorcycle rallies will bring the Valley of the Sun alive with roaring engines, rocking bands, and party-goers galore. Everyone is welcome.Held annually, this event which has been growing by leaps and bounds officially starts on Wednesday, April 3rd, but we are already seeing groups of riders and clubs descending on the valley to enjoy the great weather and open roads. Since inception, the event has extended its calendar to several days before and several days after the official calendar. By Saturday 3/30/19 we will begin to see throngs of bikers starting in Cave Creek, AZ and soon engulfing the entire metro area.As in the past, the main rally will be hosted at WestWorld of Scottsdale, a large fairground with arenas, concert stages and performance venues for all sorts of entertainment. Each day there will be a sponsored ride supporting one of the many charities that partner with the bike week organizations. There are nightly concerts from international entertainers like 3 Doors Down and George Thorogood among others.Tickets for the main event shows and sponsored rides can be purchased from the official Arizona Bike Week website. Tickets are $63 for an all-inclusive five-day pass. Children under 12 get in for free, and concert tickets can be purchased separately.Don’t want to be confined to WestWorld? No problem you will find meetups, rides, and shows all across the metro from Apache Junction to Cave Creek to Scottsdale. Merchants, restaurants, and parks will all be gearing up to accommodate the visitors. Even if you no longer ride, you can join in the fun. Just don your favorite leather vest or halter top and you will fit right in. A word of caution, your Vespa may make you look a little suspect, so leave it at home, park your car and walk in.Seriously, this is one fun-filled week so come on out and party.   Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved