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Joseph Domino - From The Outside Looking In

9/12/2019 7:05:38 PM

It has been quite a few years since I last sold one of my personal properties. But recently my wife and I decided to sell our long-time home and downsize. Like a lot of people we have become empty nesters and no longer need the added expense or maintenance of a large house on a large lot.As a real estate agent, I often sit down with clients that are considering selling their current home for a variety of reasons. When I do I walk around to assess the property both for condition and market readiness. Typically I will give the client a list of items that should be cared for prior to putting on the market. It may be as simple as cleaning & de-cluttering, etc. Or as complex as repairing leaking windows, replacing broken tiles, painting, carpeting or other items that may turn a potential buyer off.As someone that has spent the last few weeks preparing my own home, I have developed new sympathy for the seller.I never realized how involved it has become. Cleaning carpets, washing windows, trimming trees, emptying out closets and more. We are exhausted.Staging, pictures, paperwork, advertising, etc. It seems it is never going to end.But it will end. Hopefully with a solid sale and a happy new buyer.Selling a house is a lot of work. Thoughts and prayers to the seller. Looking for your next home? Visit: www.5607ngd.com © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

9/9/2019 3:43:43 PM

Unbelievable opportunity to make this beautiful 3000+ square foot territorial style home on over one acre of land, your new address.Nestled in a county island bordered by Scottsdale, Phoenix and Cave Creek you are right in the middle of one the valley’s most desirable locations.Sitting at an elevation of 1988’, with views of Black Mountain out your front door, you will be above the pollution and heat island effect of the valley.The welcoming front courtyard is loaded with greenery, a calming fountain, and room to sit and relax.But the best is yet to come. The moment you walk through the large solid wood front door you are greeted by the bright, open, and spacious floor plan. The towering 14’ knotty alder ceiling, accented by 4 huge vigas will make you smile with approval.With room to seat the whole family, you can relax by the natural gas fireplace or enjoy a movie on the custom entertainment center.Stroll into the open, modern chef’s kitchen. Granite counters, natural hickory cabinetry, stainless appliances make this an entertainers dream. The huge counter and center island is the place that you and your guests will gather for parties, drinks or just a relaxing snack. For dinner, you can move the whole party comfortably into the dining area.When it comes time to turn in you will find the huge apartment-sized master suite with room for all your furniture, a seating area and easy access to the patio. You will love the large bath area complete with dual sinks, a large soaking tub and polished travertine walk-in “snail” shower with dual shower heads and separate controls. A separate commode offers privacy without disturbing your roommate.The adjacent walk-in closet is larger than some of the bedrooms you will find in lesser homes. You will be pleased with the amount of shelving for all your clothes, shoes or other personal items.But this is Arizona and you may want to spend some time outdoors. We have you covered there with over 800 square feet of patio space. The heated spa and pool boast more than 110’ perimeter feet. While the built-in cleaning system keeps the pool sparkling with minimal effort.Need room for your toys? The oversized 3 car garage has room for a workshop, storage, and all your stuff. 8-foot garage doors accommodate larger trucks and SUVs.Built by one of the area’s premier custom builders, AJF Custom Homes, this is a home for now and the future.Want more information? Visit: www.scottsdale-azhomes.com/5607-E-Night-Glow-Dr.OWNER/AGENT  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

9/7/2019 11:21:50 AM

Having a Cave Creek address has become one of the more desirable attributes for homebuyers in Phoenix’s North Valley. And why not? Cave Creek exudes all the wonderful characteristics home buyers want. It is upscale, trendy, old-fashion, and quirky all at the same time.Considering a move to Cave Creek? Well, there are some things to know about your Cave Creek address before you make your offer.Cave Creek is comprised of different neighborhoods each having their own personality and features.First, there is the Town of Cave Creek which is where the identity comes from. The Town likes to portray itself as an old fashioned western town locked in time with values straight out of the 1880’s. Some of the more prominent characteristics of Cave Creek are a downtown anchored by several large restaurant/bars like Harrold’s Cave Creek Corral, The Horny Toad, and The Roadhouse that cater to tourists and locals alike. One honky-tonk called The Buffalo Chip Saloon even hosts a live rodeo several nights a week. While most cities and town across the country are busy revitalizing their downtowns into small walkable urban centers. The Town of Cave Creek has maintained a personality that caters to motorcycles, pickup trucks, and horse trailers.That is not to say that The Town of Cave Creek is stodgy. It isn’t, they just prefer their wild-west image. To the south of town is the 3500’ Black Mountain which Cave Creek shares with its neighbor Carefree. The base of Black Mountain is home to dozens of luxury homes and condominiums.Once you leave the town’s core you will find yourself in what can easily be described as Cave Creek’s rural homestead. A large part of the residential sections of Cave Creek are comprised of horse properties and mini-ranches consisting of modest homes on large parcels. Although in recent years many of the modest homes have been supplanted with larger more upscale houses. Many of the residential areas surrounding Cave Creek are unincorporated county islands which are governed not by The Town, but by Maricopa County. These areas may or may not be served by public utilities like water, sewer or cable television. For many homes, services like fire protection, trash pickup, and water may be provided through private companies.If you prefer something more conventional, you can find your home in one of the planned developments like Tatum Ranch, Dove Valley Ranch or Lone Mountain. These gated upscale communities of modern homes on winding streets and cul-de-sacs make up the other identity. Although it identifies itself as Cave Creek, including Cave Creek postal addresses, these developments are in fact wholly incorporated in the City of Phoenix complete with police, fire, sewer, and water. A full complement of city services.Schools in Cave Creek may also be confusing. Much of the area is served by the Cave Creek Unified School District which also serves portions of Phoenix and Scottsdale. But residents on the west end of Cave Creek may be within the boundary of the Deer Valley School District. Fortunately, Arizona allows for “open enrollment” in most school districts, so home buyers may have a choice of which school district to attend if your district doesn’t offer a program that suits your student’s needs.Finally, there may be other important considerations to someone wishing to become a “Creeker”. Property taxes may vary considerably depending on which area of Cave Creek you live. If governmental representation is important then knowing that The City of Phoenix, the Town of Cave Creek and Maricopa County are different organizations that all have their own rules, regulations, and management.So when someone tells me they are considering purchasing in Cave Creek it brings up more questions than answers. At least until I learn more about their needs and expectations. When it comes to Cave Creek, there is more to consider than just address in the 85331 zip code.  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

9/1/2019 9:39:50 PM

Lifestyles are ever-changing and along with that, the list of amenities that a home buyer looks for in a house has changed as well. Today’s home buyers like open-concept homes. They want homes that are comfortable for entertaining. Homes with gourmet kitchens that have double ovens, center islands, quartz counters and more.But one amenity that has become a “must-have” in homes today is high-speed internet access. Long gone are the days where a dial-up or low-speed DSL connection is adequate for today’s lifestyle. The quality, speed, and cost of internet service has become a deal-breaker for many buyers.With more and more people working from home, streaming their television instead of over the air programming, or gaming in a multi-user environment, the need for high quality, high-speed internet is a must. In addition, the increase in popularity of in-home Wi-Fi networks that support everything from email for the family, wireless printing, home security, and video surveillance systems, Wi-Fi thermostats, smart refrigerators, more and more capacity is needed.As little as ten years ago homeowners would be satisfied with a 1.4mbs DSL line. But today demand for 10, 20, 50 even 100mbs is common.Here in the Phoenix metro area, homes in established areas may be served by one or more internet service providers. Typically, homebuyers may have the option to use the landline telco or cable TV provider. But not all areas have access to cable and DSL may be limited. For some properties, especially in outlying areas, other options such as point-to-point microwave or satellite may be the best option.The cost can be a factor as well. Bundled packages that include cable TV, basic telephone and internet access can easily exceed $100 a month. When you add premium features like subscription services, hardware leases, and maintenance packages, the bill could approach $200.It is no wonder that today one of the first questions home buyers ask is “Who is the internet provider?” It is right up there with electric, water, and natural gas. Sometimes it is more important.     © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

8/27/2019 7:55:07 PM

When searching for homes Buyers must consider all aspects of living in the new, chosen neighborhood. Far too often Buyers fall in love with building and place little thought into how their lifestyle meshes with the new location.Far too often I see buyers complaining that they purchased a home with a strict HOA and now they are getting letters because they are parking their cars on the street or have planted trees that are not on the approved plant list.On the other end of the spectrum I see home buyers purchase in neighborhoods with no HOA or CC&Rs complaining that their neighbor plays loud music at all hours of the night or is running a business out of their house that brings an excessive amount of traffic down their street.One of the more recent objections are to owners that turning their homes into short term rentals. Sometimes in violation of CC&Rs or even local zoning ordinances.Buyers are always encouraged to inspect a house thoroughly. They hire professionals to inspect the roof, check the electrical, test the plumbing, etc. But are often on their own to research the neighborhood.Researching the area can sometimes be confusing. Some of the areas that I specialize in like Cave Creek, Desert Hills and parts of North Scottsdale contain sections that are unincorporated county islands. County islands are small sections of land that for one reason or another were never annexed into a city or town. Historically they were small ranches or farms with rural zoning. As the areas developed these county islands were split up and filled in with houses, but the developers seldom did anything to change the rural zoning or provide for services of any type. The property may have a postal address of the adjoining town, but may not receive services like police, fire or utilities. Consequently, the homeowners are allowed to live with sometimes very liberal regulation.Of course, if you are someone whose lifestyle enjoys, cars, trucks, boats, campers or other “toys” you can likely keep them in full view without problems. If you are someone that enjoys having dogs, livestock or horses you may also find a county island to be paradise.But you may also run afoul of some other problems that may impact your enjoyment. Liberal zoning laws may allow your neighbor to build an unsightly building next to your home. You may have to contend with issues like easements, road maintenance, noise, or unexpected land use.Liberal zoning may also encourage some owners to operate a business out of their home, which might be fine if the business is one that doesn’t attract foot traffic but it could be a problem if they operate a church that brings in dozens of cars for daily or weekly worship. Today, one of the more common and controversial, situations is the recent explosion of short term rentals which could allow an owner to turn their house into a mini-hotel. Bringing a steady stream of new people in and out of a neighborhood that was once quiet and serene.In Arizona selling a home in an unincorporated county island requires a separate disclosure aptly termed an Affidavit of Disclosure (A.F.D.). The Affidavit of Disclosure was mandated by the Arizona Revised Statute #33-422. The disclosure which applies to anyone selling five or fewer parcels in an unincorporated area goes beyond the normal seller disclosure documents. In addition, unlike most real estate disclosures, the Affidavit must be recorded with the County Recorder’s office and becomes public record.I am often shocked to find buyers that tell me they have never received the Affidavit of Disclosure, despite the fact that the standard Arizona real estate contract clearly covers the subject.While a Buyer can easily see that the neighbor next door parks his semi-trucks on his property for days at a time. Other activities cannot be so easily detected. What if a neighbor suddenly begins to use the house down the street to film pornographic videos? As long as they comply with local zoning laws. It may not be illegal, but it may certainly be a disclosure item.So to summarize this post if you are someone that enjoys the security and structure of a property within an HOA, then living in a county island may not be for you. But if you prefer to “Let Freedom Ring”, then your new county island home may be just what you are looking for. Only you can decide. But decide before you buy or you may not experience the quiet enjoyment you seek.  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved