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Joseph Domino - From The Outside Looking In

11/11/2019 2:00:00 AM

It takes a special person to give up an easy life, to leave family and friends for a cause greater than themselves. Yet over 1.3 million Americans have chosen to volunteer as active members of the U. S. Armed Forces. For many of them, the sacrifice that they make goes beyond just doing a job. It is a duty that they accept on behalf of the country.Today is Veterans Day, a day that has been named to honor American veterans. Originally called Armistice Day, it was set aside to commemorate the end of World War I. In 1954 legislation was passed to include veterans of all wars. In 2001 a resolution was passed to make Nov. 11 through Nov. 17, 2001, "National Veterans Awareness Week."Later this month the U.S. will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. For most of us, it is a holiday where we meet with friends and family to remember the day our founding fathers used to give thanks for an abundant harvest. But there are many that may not have a chance to celebrate. Many Americans will be busy doing their duty keeping those of us giving thanks from harm’s way.Almost every American family has or has had someone that has made the sacrifice on our behalf. My father served in India in World War 2. His action helped turn the tide against the Japanese.So in addition to giving thanks for the food on our tables or our time away from work. Why not extend our thanks by making "National Veterans Awareness Week” a part of our Thanksgiving?This can be a great chance to thank a veteran for their sacrifice. Take a few minutes to volunteer to help others. Or simply say a prayer for those that go beyond the call of duty.Let’s make Thanksgiving more than just one day. “Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” - W. J. Cameron   © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

11/8/2019 12:47:26 PM

Every day is a blessing. If you don’t believe that just speak to someone that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.Recently I was at a coffee shop and I was listening to a man hold court. All he could talk about was money. How much he had, how much more he was going to make and how much he had to pay to help others. I guess he thinks he is going to take it with him. I think he forgot that the most precious thing we have is time.Nothing is more precious than time. How you use it what is so important. You can use for work, work is important. You can use it to learn new things. Learning is important at any age. You can use it to help others. You will feel better about yourself. You can use time to relax. Relaxing is essential to maintaining good health, which will help you live longer.I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I have been blessed to have a wonderful family, a great home and many talents that I may or may not have taken advantage. I will post more about my family in the next few weeks, but for now, let’s start with the small things. I have today. It’s another chance to get things right. A chance to make another memory. A chance to make the world a better place.Beyond that, all I can hope for is a tomorrow. It is promised to no one. If it comes I will be thankful that it has.  Joe Domino is a Realtor serving the Phoenix metro area. Vist me at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

11/4/2019 12:06:06 PM

Limited or no representation only hurts the consumer. It is time to stop pretending that the public is informed just because we have Google. Agency!! An important topic to discuss no matter where you live. Why? The answer is simple. Everyone deserves “proper representation.” Many agents think they can represent both parties! I don’t understand that thinking. One agent can only represent one side and do it properly. Other than garnering the entire commission, what’s the point of tiptoeing through a transaction? Attempting to “keep the peace” is also referred to as “community policing.”  “Proper representation” and “keeping the peace” are not interchangeable. Proper representation may require stepping out of that “peaceful box” and addressing an issue. How does one agent accomplish that without picking a side? We are real estate agents who would be wise to “pick a side and stay there.” Have you ever witnessed an attorney representing the “plaintiff” and the “defendant?” It’s the same principle!!! One client at a time. One side for proper representation. This topic cannot be discussed enough. For what reason other than the full commission would one take on both sides? Is the risk of being caught in the middle and having a failed transaction worth the effort of securing that extra money? I’d rather earn my half of the commission and sleep well at night. Just sayin’…… Barbara Todaro Marketing Agent for The Todaro Team 308 W. Central St...suite E Franklin, MA 02038 508-918-9148 Exclusive Marketing Agent for The Todaro Team Copyright © 2009 - 2019 Barbara Todaro All Rights Reserved

© 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

11/1/2019 7:15:33 PM

The change back to standard time is upon us again. Most of the U.S. will "fall back" one hour starting Sunday morning. Here in the Phoenix area, we don’t change time, time is always standard for Arizonians. So for my part, I don’t have to do anything other than confirm that the time setting on all my electronic devices is still the same. But because I have friends and family in many different states. I have to be aware that starting Sunday they are now 1 full hour earlier than they are today. This is sometimes a problem for them as well because when they think it is a good time to call, I might be eating lunch or dinner. It also means that my DVR may get confused and I will record an episode of The Three Stooges instead of Gilligan’s Island. Which means that I may never find out if the castaways get off the island. Although I am not sure why they want to get off the island, it looks like paradise. Here is an interesting trivia question. How many of you remember the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act of 1973? It placed the entire country on daylight savings time for 2 full years. The idea was to save energy during the oil embargo. I am not sure it saved any oil, but I am sure it confused a lot of people and cost businesses a lot of money.  For my part I kind of like the fact that Arizona doesn’t switch time because during daylight savings time the NFL football games were on TV here at 10:00 am and that was way too early to go to a bar and watch football. Now I can at least have lunch with my beer. For the next few weeks, I will be asking my friends in other states “What time is it where you are?” Don’t be offended, I don’t always know what time it is. Or what day for that matter. Listen to Chicago play "Does anybody know what time it is?" Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can follow Joe's real estate blog at From The Outside Looking In or find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com  © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved

10/29/2019 10:55:08 AM

It’s Halloween time again. It seems like this year Halloween has made a resurgence in popularity. I have noticed more Halloween parties, more TV shows with a Halloween theme and of course a chance to replay all those scary Halloween movies.When I was growing up it was popular to dress up as a ghost or witch or some other monster. Today it seems more children dress up as fairies, firefighters or “gangstas”. Even Trick or Treat has changed. Today most T & T is done as a supervised activity. I guess it is just a sign of the times.The Halloween tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. The day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the long, cold winter.But Halloween is still a fun event that has also become a commercial success. Nearly 25% of all candy purchased in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween. Americans spend an estimated $6 billion annually on Halloween, making it the country’s second-largest commercial holiday after Christmas.Halloween has also prompted the composing of many popular songs. To that end, I decide to post up a popular Halloween themed song. But which one?The most popular is undoubtedly Thriller by Michael Jackson. The theme song to the movie Halloween by John Carpenter was also a consideration. But then I found a great video of an oldie from 1962. So to celebrate Halloween 2019 I chose The Monster Mash.The "Monster Mash" released as a single in August 1962 reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in October of 1962. It has been a perennial holiday favorite ever since.Check out this great oldie by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and introduced by none other than Dick Clark.  Joe Domino is a Realtor® serving the Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area. You can find more great information by visiting his website at www.Scottsdale-AZHomes.com. © 2010-2018 Joseph Domino All Rights Reserved